Hi folks,

 Copy and paste this URL ( into your browser to see a 3:27 minute clip of barbershoppers from all 5 chapters of the Barbershop Harmony Society in New Hampshiresinging in the chambers of the Governor and Executive Council on April 17, coincidentally two days following the Boston Marathon bombings. 

 It was a perfect, cloudless, breezy, early spring day in NH, with no clouds and temperatures in the high 50s in Concord, our capital (about an hour south of where I live).  The biosphere seemed to sparkle in blue, including the US and NH flags which were flying at half-mast for the victims of Monday’s terror attack. 

 First on the above clip is a brief intro explaining why we were there and why a smaller group is singing an extra song.  All four members of my quartet (the Clef Hangers) sang in both groups.  In this video, I’m on the far end, our tenor (blue shirt) is on the near end, our lead (black hair) and bass (next guy toward me) stand together in the middle of the group. 

 The Governor (Maggie Hassan, officially “Margaret Wood Hassan”), wearing a blue jacket and sitting in a large leather chair facing us, is visible in the third video clip.  She says “Wow!” after the 3rd number, then reads the proclamation she had issued the week before – the actual anniversary had been April 11.

 The entire performance followed exactly only TWO practice runs of each song (they are BBS classics) down in the cafeteria half an hour earlier.  The performance is certainly not competition grade, but it was a great honor to be singing at the New Hampshire State House representing thousands of barbershoppers.

 If you want to see more, here are links to other videos shot by the elder daughter of our quartet’s bass: – 1:19 “Wild Irish Rose” – 4:54 “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” (0:55) a bit of chatter, then the Society’s theme song, “Keep America Singing”, then the Governor’s reading of her proclamation..