Palm Springs 2014

The weekend of May 2-May 4, 2014 David Kaplan hosted a second mini at the home he shares with his husband, Glenn Ostergaard, in Rancho Mirage (outside Palm Springs), CA. The first mini was two years ago in April 2012.  That first mini was a once in a lifetime experience which we thought could never be topped.  Well, we were wrong. David & Glenn outdid themselves!

The weekend started Friday at 5 PM with cocktails and a fabulous array of appetizers at their incredible new home.  By this time we all knew each other very well, from our various minis, the Big One, the Listserv, the website, and various get togethers; so it was wonderful to all be together again.

The attendees were, in alphabetical order by first name: Caren Goldstein Guthman and spouse David Guthman, Ed Sobel, Howie Perlin, Jeff Gingold and spouse Jane Townley, Jill Brookman, Laurel Druce, Murray and Roberta Zucker, Sharon Donshik Grossman and spouse Irwin Grossman, Stacy Sussman and S.O. Steve Goldschmidt, Steve and Karen Polansky, and of course, David Kaplan and Glenn Ostergaard.  It was a lovely group.

After cocktails, David and Glenn served us a tasty dinner.  We were seated at two separate tables—one inside but with the glass doors open, the other table right next to it but outside.  We were all reluctant to leave that night, but finally took pity on our genial hosts and left to rest a little (and to allow the guys to finish cleaning up) before the start of the next day—it was to be an ambitious agenda.

Saturday began with a return visit to the Palm Springs Art Museum.  We met in the glass collection, after which our docent showed us some other collections we hadn’t seen 2 years ago.  Lunch was again at Spencer’s, after we which spent the afternoon visiting two private homes and an art gallery, all owned by friends of David and Glenn’s.  You can see some of the art  in the photos we have posted—it was beyond all expectations, as you will see… absolutely jaw-on-the-floor amazing! You’ll see what we mean in the  photos.

Saturday night dinner was at Jake’s in Palm Springs.  David and Glenn again hosted a delicious Sunday brunch, complete with the requisite bagels and lox, at their house.  And then it was time for a reluctant and tearful au revoir—but not adieu, as we all plan to see each other again.  Maybe not in Palm Springs, but perhaps at the mini this October in NY, or in Northern or Southern California.  We have many minis ahead of us to enjoy, but it will be a feat to come close to this spectacular Mini Weekend we all enjoyed in Palm Springs.  Thank you, David and Glenn!

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