Northern CA Mini

We had our first Northern California mini at Howie Perlin and Susan Rosenthal’s house in Oakland. it was a glorious day. Attendees included Howie and Susan, Ed Sobel all the way from Florida, Ram Hays from Gilroy, Bob Gould from Sacramento, Alan Gevins and wife Lita Sam-Vargas from SF, Laurel Druce from Redwood City, Murray Zucker from Tiburon, and Susan Morton from Oakland. A wonderful time was had by all. It was like no time had passed since 1963 – we just picked up where we’d left off. And those who hadn’t known each other in GN felt like old friends. After noshing on the bountiful buffet provided by Howie and Susan, we went outside to their wonderful garden and schmoozed for another couple of hours. No one wanted to leave. We talked about having another one early next year before the 50th.

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