Florida Mini, November 2010

This Mini was in the beginning of the GNN63 reconnection when we all were getting together on Facebook or on the listserv …and everyone was really excited getting back in touch again. No one wanted to wait for 2013 to get together… and so, the idea of the minis began—first in Lynbrook, NY at Andrea Kaplan Baum’s home. Then a few months later some of the South Floridians gathered at Ellen Abramson Monchick’s house in Palm Beach Gardens to have a 2nd mini. Mini reunions are a wonderful way to get in touch, meet, and make friends through reconnection, and even connecting with people you didn’t even speak to in Great Neck. We’ve had quite a few! Even after the Big One in Great Neck, we will continue to have regional mini reunions for those who couldn’t make it to Great Neck for the 50th. We had a great time at Ellen’s… this fall we’d love to do another one… before the Season begins as they say. BTW, Steve Schlussel and Ed Sobel were visiting at the time …so they dropped in to the party too. If you are visiting Florida in the winter or summer, be sure to let us know… there are many classmates now living permanently here as well as the NY / FL snowbirds. We may even throw a mini in your honor so… COME ON DOWN!